Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day India! Officially established in 1947 and growing.


Happy Holidays and New Year 2014

Happy Holidays and New Year 2014, from us to you and yours from the Chor Bazaar Team. May 2014 be great!


This Party Getting Hot!

Well, yes we are sharing some more lyrical posts back to back. This beat may be a little to club-esqu for those that would rather delve in the classical roots of Desi beats but this is a track by a surprising trio, Jazzy B, Yo Yo Honey Singh and DJ Shadow. The beat is clearly crisp and pumping as expected by the maestro DJ Shadow and the tag team of Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh are an infectious recipe which is displayed by the "ecstasy" induced clubbers in Dubai filmed video. Okay maybe not ecstasy but hashish for sure, just saying...

Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh may have gone a little over board with the Al-Qaeda display of arms in the club but maybe they needed to display that they weren't some metro-sexual Desi guys in Dubai?

Regardless, this track has been mastered and clearly put together by professionals, much unlike that DJ in the Queens-NYC basement that was just disturbed by his mother to come up for some hot daal, baht, rotli and shak. As MC Craig Mack rhymed, "Flava in ya Ear", with a little spice of course, this track is worthy of your playlist when your party needs to pop off.

Sorry Queens basement DJ, keep doing your thing and reach aspirations of this level and create feverish beats. We are rooting for you.

Smooth and Gangsta - MC Kash out of Kashmir

Let's face it there are very few smooth Desi rappers out there or at least had enough hits to get into the cyber-sphere. Well, rest assured, we found one, albeit a bit explicit with his lyrics but substantial with a message. Nothing about money, cars and women in this track by MC Kash "Beneath the Sky" is worthy of your inner Desi gangsta.

From MD Kash's Bio (via website):

Born in 1990, Kash belongs to a generation of Kashmiris that grew up under the shadow of guns, whose childhood memories are that of a war, raged in the streets. It was a battlefield and a playground, and it also handed out education to those who were able and willing to learn. The streets said it all. Right from his first track as a 17 year-old to his single “I Protest” and to his self-produced debut album “Rebel RepubliK”, MC Kash’s underlying principle has been to stay true to his streets and to speak his mind.

Delivered with sincerity and conviction, MC Kash's music is from the heart and soul of his experiences and radiates from his love and dreams for his people in Kashmir. A relentless bard seeking to fulfill his responsibility as a Kashmiri to reach out to more and more people, Kash strives to tell the untold tale of his land and explore the shape of an ideal and humane society. His words pay homage to the dignity and unsung heroism of everyday people - mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. His poetry has its roots in a universal consciousness and his songs speak of human themes of hope, courage, survival, resilience and persistence and the destined triumph of Truth over falsehood. Through his rap songs, MC Kash seeks to ask questions, to insist on justice, to resist and condemn hate, greed and ignorance, and to awaken and propel reform and positive action in this world. Learning and improving all the while.

Take some time out of your busy lives and check out MC Kash. We hope that there is some international recognition for lyrics and that there is more on the horizon for this man.



Happy Independence Day India!

Happy Independence Day India, 65 years and many more, from the Chor Bazaar team.


Start Your Breakfast Religiously

Some Hindus live a pretty hectic life and we tend to put off our morning Puja to catch the train, bus or beat some traffic to get to work on time. Bad Hindu!

Well we have a solution that may make your local pundit salivate? Thanks to the folks at Burt Impressions Toasters. They produce toasters which scorch various kinds of impressions on your toast. They have options to produce your own custom impression as well so you can upload your family vacation picture and share the charred image on toast with your friends when they come by for brunch. I'm sure it will spark some sort of conversation at that table and when they leave your presence.

Imagine being late for work and you grab some toast. At least this toast bears an impression of Ganesh Ji. One can pay homage and pretend that the toast is Prasad. The Hindu inside of you has managed to pray and provide sustenance in one shot. Just don't make a BLT or the opportunity of Moksha may pass you by. Bad Hindu! 

They have covered most religions and have Jesus Toast just in case you skipped church because you were too hungover from the partying the night before. Bad Christian!

The monetary damage is not that bad either and frankly these toasters could make an excellent present for someone that you want to play a joke on. The Ganesh Ji impression toaster is $31.95 and you can even pick your accent color to match the tiles in your kitchen. Yay!
What we couldn't understand was why the Jesus Toaster is cheaper at $29.95. What's up with that Burt Impression folks?