A Catholic Guide to Ashes - Ash Wednesday

As a "brown" person walking down a busy city street it can be startling to witness white folks with a mark on their forehead. I use the term "white" folks in lieu of Caucasians because technically, some "brown" folks are Caucasian (look it up). Let me digress...Brown folks are the bearer of marks on their forehead, not white people!

I stumbled upon the image above, "A Catholic Guide to Ashes" which is credited to @BillDonaghy via Twitter. Take a look at the bottom row, second from the right. Yup, "The Hindu"! Wait a second, you can't steal the Bindi and make it Catholic, that's just not copacetic. I want Ash Wednesday to be completely Catholic, with no relation to being a Hindu. I need Ash Wednesday's as an example for every time some ignorant person inquires about the "Dot" (aka Bindi) and it's significance.

We'll let our audience be the judge on this subject.


Nanok - Fever

Check this "Fever" video out by Jai Vaswani a.k.a "Nanok" the Mumbai Electronica DJ/Producer. The beats are infectious as well as the humble "Bombayite's" acting by Varun Thakur" Somehow the two work seamlessly together and provide a bit of Mumbai reality, far from a mainstream video of a privileged, dolled out, liquored up crowd in a swanky club.

We have been following Nanok's work on SoundCloud and this guy will put some flavor in your ears.


Happy Diwali + New Year!

Happy Diwali + New Year from the Chor Bazaar Team to you and yours. We wish everyone a prosperous and healthy year.

The image above is what India looks like during Diwali celebrations. Move over Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, you got nothing on a Billion plus people doing their own thing.


Social Media Sari

Looks like social media marketing is taking over the 27 feet x 4 feet of cloth, otherwise know as the Sari. Why anyone would want to openly display their love for Facebook and Whatsap on a Sari, which by the way dates back the Indus Valley Civilization (2800–1800 BC), makes us scratch our heads. Perhaps it's a ploy to segue ones compliment on the Sari to show off one's new smart phone? People in India love their phones and often make sure to show them off, especially if the case is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Call it "bling" if you wish but it is more of a status symbol. Another thought, is perhaps these ladies are tired of being asked if they use social media platforms. "Really?, can't you see my Sari?"
Something tells us that Facebook did not authorize the use of their logo on this Sari especially given the color. We bet that the manufacturer will probably laugh off the cease and desist order once Facebook finds them.
Well this manufacturer gets an "A" for effort on staying true to Whatsap's colors.
Oh my! She certainly knows her social media, no messing with her!
We will continue to search for the enterprising aunty who is solely rocking a LinkedIn Sari, stay tuned.


Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day India! Officially established in 1947 and growing.


Happy Holidays and New Year 2014

Happy Holidays and New Year 2014, from us to you and yours from the Chor Bazaar Team. May 2014 be great!


This Party Getting Hot!

Well, yes we are sharing some more lyrical posts back to back. This beat may be a little to club-esqu for those that would rather delve in the classical roots of Desi beats but this is a track by a surprising trio, Jazzy B, Yo Yo Honey Singh and DJ Shadow. The beat is clearly crisp and pumping as expected by the maestro DJ Shadow and the tag team of Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh are an infectious recipe which is displayed by the "ecstasy" induced clubbers in Dubai filmed video. Okay maybe not ecstasy but hashish for sure, just saying...

Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh may have gone a little over board with the Al-Qaeda display of arms in the club but maybe they needed to display that they weren't some metro-sexual Desi guys in Dubai?

Regardless, this track has been mastered and clearly put together by professionals, much unlike that DJ in the Queens-NYC basement that was just disturbed by his mother to come up for some hot daal, baht, rotli and shak. As MC Craig Mack rhymed, "Flava in ya Ear", with a little spice of course, this track is worthy of your playlist when your party needs to pop off.

Sorry Queens basement DJ, keep doing your thing and reach aspirations of this level and create feverish beats. We are rooting for you.