Maz Jobrani and Russell Peters

I recently watched a comedy video called, "Axis of Evil - Comedy Tour". It featured Ahmed Ahmed, Aron Kader, Maz Jobrani, and Dean Obeidallah, and was themed on people of Middle Eastern descent.

I immediately felt a strange parallel between the Iranian comic, Maz Jobrani and the "Anglo-Indian - Canadian" comedian, Russell Peters. After attending Russell Peter's new show, which featured a series of Arab jokes, I noticed that both these comics had similar material. Was Russell "sponging" off of Maz's act? The "Axis of Evil - Comedy Tour", is from May, 2007 and the latest of Russell of Russell Peters is from February of 2008. Both comics present bits on the media's portrayal of Arabs and the Western World's perception of Arabs. Both similar and equally hilarious.

Another similarity is their physical stance when presenting. They both slouch, while they sway back and forth. They even share the limp wristed wagging of their hand while speaking. Maz, is married to an Indian woman and has acted in many roles as an Indian. Russell is East Indian. Maybe they have similar tastes in, Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine?

I wonder if Maz realizes that Russel has themed part of his latest show on his material? Could this be the beginning of a comedic Perisan-Indo comic war in the Western world? Both Comics should cause a bit of abdominal pain from laughing, or at least open your eyes to different cultures. If there was a battle between these two, I am sure we would all be in for a treat.


Anonymous said...

dude russell peters has been doing comedy for a decade.
he is one of the best in the world.
dont compare him to these loonies.
russell peters is sweet

U Shah said...

Russell Peters is a great comedian, but this post is an observation. Check out Russell Peter's new stuff 2008 and Maz Jobrani's Axis of Evil, and you will know what I am talking about. It wouldn't be fair to knock Maz Jobrani, without experiencing his stuff.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that they have almost similar content .. but hey, i think they are both good in their own ways .. comedy at its best has always been making fun of others as well as one's own culture and likes .. that's what they both have been doing ..

cheers mate!

Anonymous said...


I'm a persian stand-up comedian from Sweden. Russell Peters and Maz jobrani where the comedians who opened my eyes for the art of stand-up comedy. I've seen Russell Live and tonight I'm seeing Maz. From what I have seen I can surely say that they both are stand-up geniuses, and have a message in their shows.

The thing is that they are both foreigner in their country, and as we all know every culture is diffrent in their own ways. When a foreign person comes to a place where there is another dominate culture, culture shocks take place. And that's what Russell and Maz have incommon.

Russell have lots of persian friends and have many jokes about them, and Maz is as you said married to an indian woman and therefor also have a lot of material about them. But for sure, I think they have been watching eachothers DVDs and shows and liked what they've seen since they are so much alike. The difference is though that they don't have the same material, they only share the same oppinion. And that's not a crime according to the lawbook in stand-up comedy.

Long live Russell Peters and Maz Jobrani, the aryan comedians!:)

Unknown said...

Don't get me wrong, Russell Peters is a funny guy. But Maz Jobrani is by far better in a sense that his jokes are equally funny except they're much more appropriate. Notice he never makes sex jokes, (which are extremely popular with Peters). I think it takes a higher level of artistry and creativity to make the audience laugh that much and yet keep the material clean. So, sorry but in my opionion and most people even Indians, not just Iranians, Maz Jobrani is better.

Anonymous said...

Russel has far better accents and is less nervous... But yeah, they are really similar, not only by content but by body moves as well.
Also Russel is sometimes more harsh, than Maz, true.
And the "copy cat"... Russel is in showbusiness since 89, Maz since 2006, soooo....

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous to suggest Peters is creating content from Jobrani's work. Peters started way earlier (c.1989) and has been a superstar for 15 years. Jobrani is in fact the new kid on the block. Also note the confidence Peters shows whichever race he is making fun of which not quite there with Jobrani. But I have to give it to Jobrani, he's really funny and at time quite thought provoking. I guess Peters' gig is more light hearted and perhaps a bit dumbed down.