CB2 Goes Tata Tru(n)k'ing

There has to be someone on the Indian, inside at Crate and Barrel's offshoot called CB2. This is one of our previous posts on Bollywood inspired pillows.

CB2 has done it again and this time they were inspired by the infamous Tata trucks that are found on every road in India.

These owners/drivers of these trucks tend to decorate them as the funds allow them to. They are usually a work in progress and represent a sense of pride.

The idea of decorating these trucks stem from the original Indian hauler, the celebrated Indian Elephant. Notice the eyes on the the front wheel wells of the truck. The idea ultimately revolves around the Hindu God Ganesh but there are other symbols that relate to different regions of India. There is always the Idol worship or rather adornment of Bollywood stars. Which brings me to another issue.

About ten years ago I was in India and went shopping for Bollywood mud flaps. I needed these to adorn the walls of my apartment in NYC. I had major issues finding mudflaps with Bollywood actresses. The vendors told me that they don't sell these, because the driver's wives would kill them. They were limited to small mirrors, stickers and charms that they could hide in their cabs. Luckily their wives were not privy to cleaning the cabs, I guess?

Overall, a savvy truck decoration enthusiast (there has to be someone) could differentiate a truck from Kashmir to Kerala by the designs and symbols. They wouldn't have to look at the licence plates which would be a dead give away. Maybe this could be an Indian Quiz show question?

Here is CB2's "J. Peterman" inspired, catalog description:

The tru(n)ck

keep on truckin'. A CB2 one of a find. From New Delhi to Chennai, trucks zoom by on the highways of India in a colorful and symbolic flash of kitschy art. Decorated with everything under the sun, from religious symbols to Bollywood stars, these handpainted rolling metal canvases are a driver's personal statement of pride and enliven the dry summer landscape. This metal storage trunk is handpainted by original "truck artists" with birds of freedom, the sacred lotus and "OK Horn Please" sayings. This funky tru(n)ck helps to sustain its artistic creators and is truly a small piece of national tradition that will instantly transport you to the roadways of Mumbai. Metal inset tray inside. Each is unique.

• Handpainted metal storage trunk

• Designed in the tradition of Indian "truck artists"

• Colorful birds, lotus flowers and phrases on a blue powdercoat finish

• Removable metal inset tray inside

At $99.95 a piece, I guess this isn't a bad deal for a hand painted, 14"sq x 18"H metal box that one could use to reminisce about that time they got hit by a Tata truck on their rental scooter in Goa.

Besides the guys that paint trucks probably find this to be a blessing and rediculous at the same time. Of course they won't tell the folks from CB2 this.

The inspiration of the truck designs got us at, "OK TATA" as well. We call it the "Muh Kala" t-shirt, which translates from Hindi to "back off or smoke in your face."

Of course we would rather you buy our Chor Bazaar, Indian truck inspired t-shirt over the CB2 trunk, but there is really nothing that we can do about that in the end. Here is a tip anyway, watch out for the non regulated emissions standard smoke that these trucks spew. Good thing the t-shirt and the trunk don't have this feature.
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